Optimize Your Life
Create Insane Momentum

Slay Your Dragons, Raise Your Vibration, and
Transform Your Life

This is your opportunity to level-up your life, create massive bandwidth, and discover personal freedom.

You have the power to overcome the things that are keeping you from the freedom you dream about.
Does any of this sound like you?

❌ Low energy that feels like anxiety or depression
❌ You don't have time to fall into the low-energy traps
❌ Inconsistent relationships that lack the intimacy and connection you desire
❌ You experience moments of extreme overwhelm
❌ Self-sabotage, obsessive thinking, lashing out, and negative self-talk
❌ Attachments to substances that you use to “escape”
❌ Lack of discipline when it comes to working out, eating healthy, or taking care of yourself 

Here’s the deal

When you take back your inner power and release what’s weighing you down, life turns into something to look forward to.

Life isn’t happening TO you-
it’s happening FOR you.

When your vibrational frequency is aligned,
it looks like:

✅ Making lasting memories and better connections
✅ Being more present in your daily life
✅ Having unlimited bandwidth for relationships
✅ Finding clarity where you used to find confusion
✅ Having more energy, productivity at work and unbreakable self-confidence
✅ Deeper connections, more intimacy, and deeper sexual experiences
✅ Getting in great shape (so you can perform better in all areas of your life)
✅ Synchronicities and amazing opportunities showing up in your life; unexpectedly and expectedly

I know this, because I’ve been there.
It’s why I created:

The Unbreakable Human Collective

My mission and my purpose are clear.
It's to help others move out of their stories and into
the life that they have always dreamed of living.

In 31 days, you will find personal freedom, community, and the support you need to attract what you want in life.

The Process

Phase I - Commitment

Ruthless acknowledgment of where you are right now versus where you really want to be.

There's a reason you're not living your dream life right now; there are things holding you back.
You've never really committed like this before;
it's time to stop treating the symptoms and get down to the root causes.

Phase II - Dragon Slaying

Clear identification of what's been holding you back. Outline the course of action.  

We will identify all the things that have been weighing you down, get rid of them, and move forward quickly.

Phase III - Your New Frequency

Fearless creation of your new frequency; build out the life you really want.

Your new vibrational frequency has been identified.
Now it's time to live in it, to live each day with purpose.

Phase IV - Integration

Brave implementation into your daily life everything you have uncovered that will lead you to your dream life.

The habits and the momentum you have created are
your new normal, you will feel like you've been
shot out of a cannon.
Maintain the discipline to continue the path to freedom.

Phase V - Accountability

Extreme accountability, and course corrections for 4 months.

Weekly group coaching calls and continued email support as needed to make sure that everything you did in the first 31-days is sticking and working.

🔥Discipline is the highest form of self-love🔥

Why join The Unbreakable Human Collective community?
Because change doesn’t happen alone.

It happens with support, accountability, and community.

When the shackles are removed, you launch into the life you dream of; it's been there all along- I’ll show you how to see it.

Once you start creating the momentum, it starts to snowball; low vibrational things naturally fall away and get replaced with high-vibrational things.

I'm going to walk you through the steps and strategies I've used to slay my own dragons, raise my vibration, and create unbreakable momentum in every area of my life.

Not only did it work for me; it's worked for hundreds of men that I have worked with.

You will feel better than you've felt in years.

You will perform better at work, at the gym and in the bedroom.

Imagine waking up each morning, feeling better than
you’ve felt in years with actual excitement for your life.

Create the momentum and freedom that
you've been dreaming about.

What others experienced

"I leveled-up my life big time"

"In just one month of working with Sam, my perspective on life changed completely. I no longer need alcohol to fuel social situations and have become totally okay with simply saying 'no thanks' when offered a drink. Life isn't always easy, but it can always feel better, lighter, and more full.
Thank you, Sam!"

~Gavin M. - Business Coach
Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I finally created sustainable momentum in my life."

"Going through Sam's 31-Day Slay Your Dragons program was, honestly, one of the most eye-opening things I've ever done. I am now able to be more present for my wife and kids, I lost the beer gut I'd had since college, and I just landed a BIG promotion at work. I now have the tools and the energy to show up for my life."

~Robert K. - Tech Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there.

I was the first student for the streamlined, fast-track program that I’m offering you today.

I quickly figured out what worked; personally, professionally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

I'm living proof.

My clients are living proof.

"This was just the fire under my ass that I needed."

"I'll be honest, I was slacking off, always saying next Monday, or next month. I finally took the leap and signed up for Sam's program. After the first week I was already noticing shifts in my life. After the 31 days my whole life had shifted for the better. I can't emphasize enough how much this program helped me."

Mark G. - Professional Athlete
Miami, FL

"I feel like I can breathe again; maybe even for the first time ever."

"When I first started this program I felt tightness in my chest and my whole body. After 31 days of raising my vibration, which I thought was some 'woo-woo sh*t', I feel like I could fly.
I feel light, and my entire life has leveled-up. It's definitely not some 'woo-woo sh*t'; I'm never going back to my old ways, there's nothing back there and I'll never settle for less again.
Life is really good.

Roger W. - Chief Technology Officer
Silicon Valley

This is your community

When you enroll in the The Optimize Your Life program, not only will you go through the 31 day transformation process, but you’ll also become a member of this exclusive, rock-solid community of other men who are doing the work too.

Here's what you get when you join in addition to the 31-days of coaching emails:

For $2,997
You Get Access for
3 Months To:

This program is for you if:

🔵 You're questioning yourself about questionable "life choices"
🔵 You're asking yourself: "What is blocking me?"
🔵 You're tired of feeling like your life is "just heavy"
🔵 You want to make the rest of your life the best of your life
🔵 You're tired of feeling overwhelmed
🔵 You've asked yourself more than a few times: "Is this really as good as it gets?"
🔵 You know there's more for you but you can't seem achieve more

Price: $2,997

When you sign up {click any “Click Here To Join” button}, you will receive your welcome email, your Facebook community join link, your first set of tools, and the link to the weekly group calls.


❓ What if I can’t make it to the weekly live calls?
🔆 A recording will be posted in the FB group so you can watch on your own time.
❓ What about refunds?
🔆 There are none. Show up, commit, do the work, and you’ll see the results you want.
❓ What is the time commitment? 
🔆 For 31 days, you’ll take a deep dive into shifting your frequency. You can expect about 60 minutes per week for our live calls, and another 30-60 minutes a week for the emailed lessons and practices.
❓ What if it's too much work?
🔆 Sticking to the plan is the key to success. When you hold yourself accountable, you’re able to step into the life you want, with ease. If you commit and take pride in what you're doing for the next 31 days you will feel like you've been shot out of cannon.

Other questions? Email info@themanunbreakable.com to learn more.


Want even more support and accountability? 

Join my 1:1 program and become a VIP client for
higher level coaching.

Click here to book a call with me to see if this is the
right option for you.

What you need to know:
This is not cheap.
This is not a walk in the park.
This is not your typical band-aid solution.
This is not for the faint of heart, it's for guys that truly ready to quit the bullshit and level-up every area of their life.
If you're not ready to 100% commit for 90 days; this is not for you.

We get to the root of all your problems and stop only treating the symptoms.

Price of the VIP Program:


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